Mahsan Pouya Co began it's activity in 1997. Before that Mahsan Pouya's company has been active in representatives of a German company manufacturing sanitary faucets.
Thought of production Iranian Faucets with German quality of that time was at the head of the company's goals.

Faucets production competitive with foreign products may explain the thinking of those days for the others seemed a bit overwhelming, but with perseverance and effort boarding executives, management teams, team expertise, staff and all staff has led today to this set to achieve its desired position.

The slogan quality, beauty, innovation has been the slogans of the series. with these three characteristics, any surface that is definitely consumers needed can be generated.

The suite now has a factory area of 16,000 square meters and over 200 employees in Tehran's Abbas Abad Industrial City is working.

The use of high technologies in production, the presence of smart devices, using high quality raw materials, the use of consultants and experts, visits of experts of the Bureau of Standards, ISO standards and principles of environmental health standards has led the output of the factory products and quality is good.

The complex has an exhibition in Tehran's bazaar-shop and office area of 500 square meters.
Mahsan Pouya, as the heart of the collection, is active.
Mahsan Pouya company with more than 2000 representatives and sales agents to distribute its products throughout the country and will act with the same price. Definitely assistance and cooperation partners also share in the growth of this collection is acceptable...