Energy Keshvar Co.

founded in 1969 and has been leading the way in heating & cooling products since 1971. We design, manufacture and install our products for a wide variety of applications and markets. We're at work in practically every corner of requirements, delivering tailored solutions to our customers.

Since 1989 perform basic actions such as production unit Expansion Joint 640 MODINE from U.S. technology engineers and technicians, as well as entering the collections for changes in the structure of production lines, the company's first step was to get out of the world of traditional management. since 1996 third stage of the life energy of transformation and deconstructed thorough and comprehensive foundation for the reform of all systems including production, sales, finance, research and development, quality and ... Was initiated. The company has since1999 with a very intensive activity staff was able to achieve the following outcomes short distance itself from the world of industrial technology and management greatly reduced.

  • Bharsaz product offering called for changes in housing facilities.
  • Standard obtaining 9001 ISO of Germany RWTUV.
  • Formulation and adoption of the Draft National Standards Institute standard products using the gas company.
  • Provide a new generation with cooler water cooler The cellulose evaporative cooling uniformity in the country for forty years.
  • The optimization and upgrading of systems.

And now the fourth energy level, having a base, a rush to reach the optimal solution for industrial heating fuel, getting ready to enter the world market and fulfill the requirements of a wide action has started.